Welcome to the Awakening of Earth & the Ascension to the 5th Diminsion!

We are living in Biblical times and those that are awake get to see it ALL happen. This didn't just start yesterday and that is why I have added the video below to my home page because she explains what is happening to the earth and us.

The first 50 minutes goes into the the history of the earth ascension and how we are a part of it. Then she does a very powerful meditation.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming!!!!

I am a Helper and a Messenger from God!

I grew up knowing there was corruption and it ran our world but I had no idea of the magnitude and the evil that had taken over the world until Q came to the Light. In the long run I have learned that the Great Awakening is us transcending to the 5th Dimension.

I really don't know what I am supposed to be doing but I had to buy this website so I can have it for my future.

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